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How to optimize queries that have aggregation involving multiple fact tables
There is  "poetic query" that takes forever to run Kind of looks like this sel col1.tb1, col2,tb1, (case <condition involving tb1 and tb2>) as "Dcol1", Sum ( col1.tb3), sum (col2.tb3 ), sum (col3.tb3) etc from tb1 left outer join tb2 <condition> LOJ tb3 <conditions>
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Need to re-write delete statement
Below delete is consuming 11K CPU.Need assistance to re-write the below delete sql to consume less CPU.   DELETE  FROM IMPORT_REFER_F AA WHERE ( AA.JOB_ID,  AA.JOB_HEADER_ID,AA.JOB_LINE_NUM,AA.JOB_IDN)  IN (SELECT JOB_ID,JOB_HEADER_ID,JOB_LINE_NUM,JOB_IDN FROM IMPORT_REFER_S BB GROUP BY 1,2,3,4)
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Teradata Application Performance Tuning: Tips and Techniques
This session will discuss Application Query Tuning on the Teradata platform. 
Application Performance dbql tuning
High CPU utilization query : While doing all-AMPS merge
 We are doing insert into select from source to back up table.Select part is running fine ,where are when doing insert it is taking time and using high CPU. Based on below parameters and explain,request you to provide suggestion for tuning.  
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DBQL - the Ultimate Query Tracker - Are You Up-to-Date?
Have you ever wished for a magic wand that could quickly point out the missing, stale, and unused statistics for you?
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Nodes and AMPs for Query Tuning
Hello All !   Wondering how Nodes & no. of AMPs effect the run of a query?  For ex: if Non Prod Env has 10 Nodes but Prod env has 40 nodes. How it'll effect the same query in both env's? In that case will it be okay to tune the query in non-prod env?
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help on tuning a query
SELECT col1,col2 FROM staging_table STG INNER JOIN target_table TGT ON STG.SRC_TRAN_ID=TGT.SRC_TRAN_ID WHERE TGT.ROW_STAT_CD='Active' AND TGT.SRC_SYS='sourcename' In above query, both STG and TGT has PI as SRC_TRAN_ID TGT has stats collected on ROW_STAT_CD and SRC_SYS
tuning join non usage of parition
A Structured Method for Tuning Teradata SQL
SQL performance is vital for driving value from a data warehouse. With today's growing query complexity, optimizing SQL can be a daunting task ...
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How to decide about Stats for new queries
Hello All !   I am bit new to Teradata and started working on it couple of months back.   I working on performance tuning suggestions for some new queries.   Wondering if anybody can help on: How we can decide for the stats for new queries. I mean, the queries which are not in production yet.
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Performance Diagnostic Methodology
Performance Diagnostic Method and Tools is targeted to uncover and resolve performance related issues in three primary areas...
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