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How do I find the system, error, or PE log files for Aprimo Relationship Manager (formerly Teradata Relationship Manager)?

We have recently upgraded to TRM6.2. I am interested in creating multi-step communications but haven't done this yet. I followed the directions of setting up a Response and disposition code and created a multistep communication, using the User guide from training. I ran the communication and have results in the first output but zero in the second.

In this post, we will cover some more advanced logging topics in TRM, including PE logging, SQL output, user clicks, authentication attempts, and startup logging.

This article describes the basics of TRM's V6 logging in the application server. This includes log file configuration, versioning, location and content.

Here are a couple of helpful links in Teradata Relationship Manager (TRM).  These allow you to see all of the security privileges and user groups assigned to the logged in user, as well as a report of the TRM version and detailed environmental information.

Right out-of-the box, custom processing engine tasks may be created without having to write new Java components. These tasks are application components that implement common functionalities. There are several base processing engine tasks that are also based on these common tasks.

Processing Engine Extension represents mapping of customized processing engine tasks, properties, and dependencies whose purpose is to change or extend the processing flow of base processing engine capabilities defined in the base definition files.