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TPT Stream Operator
Hi ,  Can anyone explain me whether TPT Stream Operator(TPUMP) can be used to load data from file to table and table to file. If it is possible could you kindly provide the script for the same.  In my view, TPT Stream Operator is best suitable for mini batch loads. Could you confirm this also please.    Thank you,
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Loading to the same target table simultaneously
Hi All, I am new to Teradata. I am facing an issue while trying to load to the same TD target table from multiple staging tables simultaneously. I searched the net but got confusing inputs. Please help me clarify what my options are regarding the following. We are using TD 15.
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Need to load from Table 1 to Table 2. Which utility work well here and WHY?
Need to load from Table 1 to Table 2. Which utility work well here and WHY? Please explain the limitations and advantages against each utility.
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mload with NOSTOP option ends with Return Code 4
Hello, In my mload script i have the following: 0037 .IMPORT INFILE xxxx         FROM 4         FORMAT  VARTEXT '^\' NOSTOP         LAYOUT &load_table.         APPLY Inserts; The multiload skips the errors and inserts the records which respects the conditions  
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TPUMP Question
How does TPUMP Handle input file ?   if the source system keep on appending data to same file .. and tpump keep on loading to teradata , at some point file becomes huge and need to be deleted  then do we need to handle the process manually ?   Thanks.  
Hi guys, just want to ask the purpose of Serialize ON in TPUMP. How is it related to the types of blocking or locking if it is not specified in a TPUMP? Are there any circumstances that would affect the blocking or locking?   Thanks! :)  
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Parallel Load into Single Table - TPUMP / TPT
Hi All We have a requirement where we need to load one single table in parallel from different source tables. Say, TableX needs to be loaded from TableA, TableB and TableC. They have different source data (Rows).
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Tpump failed with UTY8001 RDBMS failure in Macro Build: 2673
The complete error message from Tpump log was:-  UTY8001 RDBMS failure in Macro Build: 2673, The source parcel length does not match data that was defined. My data source is (first several records) 731727336!1!2100034078!1!2.4!1.3!1!2005-07-01 09:12:13.000000!1!2005-07-01 09:12:24.000000!2005-07-01!20!11:46:54.170000
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Performance tuning for a tpump script-
Hi Experts, There is a tpump which is taking 10 hours to process 7000 records, whcih earlier was taking 1 hour..  not sure why its taking  so long now. the script cotains the normal insert select statement.  just want to know that is there any optimal parametrs setting for the various TPUMP parameters.. like  PACK
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Tpump Error, Invalid session mode
How to change session mode inside tpump script?
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