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When I try to use TPT wizard to connect to SQL Server using odbc DSN I am getting: There was an error initializing the driver for usage.


My configuration is the following:


Teradata RDBMS version


64bit Windows Server


TTU is patched to


I'm connecting to an Oracle database using the ODBC DSN type.  When specifying my Job Source, I can connect to the source to see a list of tables, but when I select a table, the columns of the table do not appear.  I just get the spinning "hourglass".
I tried logging on as a "dba" type user but I got the same result.

When using TPT Wizard 13.10 I am not able to save a job. When I get to the Finish and Submit dialog screen, I click on "Finish" and nothing happens. Then I click on Cancel and a dialog box asks me if I want to cancel with unsaved job?.

Has anyone run into this issue and how can it be fixed?