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Hi everyone,
I need to load a column that is a concatenation from two fields of a file. One field is a date other is time type. I would like to load both resulting in a timestamp field but i wanted to do it during the tpt load. Is it possible? How can i concatenate two fields in the insert statetment?

Hi All, I'm new here..

I would like to know if you can help me.

I need to do a script TPT for load Flat File in a Teradata Table.

My problem is:

I have to store the name of flat file that I load, in a column of target table.

How i can do this ??

In this case:
SCHEMA Trans_n_Accts_Schema
VARCHAR PrivateLogName = 'dataconnector_log',
VARCHAR DirectoryPath = '/teradata_dev2/',
VARCHAR FileName = 'CG1_0780_20110505121803_5201000_7000.DAT',
VARCHAR Format = 'Delimited',
VARCHAR TextDelimiter = 'TAB',