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I am trying to load a table in teradata using informatica with teradata parallel transported connection with an update operator. I want to see how the data in INFA_ET1 and INFA_ET2 looks like.

We are using Informatica to load Teradata table from Oracle.
With normal mapping the data is getting loaded in table but the data load speed is very slow.
So are using TPT via Inofrmatica, but getting error for timestamp.
In Oracle the column data type is DATE and in TD it is TIMESTAMP(0).

Hi Experts,
My loads are failing because the database is running out of space. When I checked the table size of the table being loaded it shows it is occupying 90GB(including the skew). Whereas the table has zero records in it. Can you please let me know what exactly is causing the table to occupy 90GB of space even when it has no  rows in it.

I have Informatica 9.0.1 running on Solaris 10 Sparc. I installed the content from tdodbc1400__solaris_sparc. but still unable to get the TPT working. In the Informatica Relational Loader, unable to see TPT. My target database is TD 14.00
Can someone please help me know :-