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Greetings, want to hear from masters what is the best way to do this:

We have a shiny new Teradata appliance that we're about to embark on developing a new data warehouse with (FSLDM format). We have DataStage to land the data into Acquisition but I can find little information on best practices for setting up my Agile team to succeed when it comes to the in-database ELT processes e.g.

This article is intended to help users as they transition from Teradata SQL Assistant to Teradata Studio Express. Included are some of the more frequently used SQL Assistant features along with a detailed 'How To' guide for the same features in Studio Express. Note: this article is relevant for Studio Express 15.10 or later.

Performance Diagnostic Method and Tools is targeted to uncover and resolve performance related issues in three primary areas...

Is anyone using, or have any suggestions for, a free/cheap data modelling or database design tool?  We are about to start planning and building a new data warehouse.  It is fairly small, and we can't justify paying for Erwin licences, so I wondered if anyone was using anything else.

Hi ,
The subject might be old, but I was unable to figure out my solution, so please take a look once.
Trying to TPT using the below Script :

I have the requirement, where for one of the client I need to incorporate the filename in Teradata table. Client has Teradata 13 machine. We have a fixed width source flat file and we are using TPT script in "TEXT" format. 


I have flat file i need to load it into a table.. I am trying load the using OLELoad utility.
When i trying to establish a connection to teradata database in desitnation field.
Getting a POP some window
Error : OleLoad Program (USed to CREATE/EDIT OLEDB Access module jobs and launch client utilites stop working.

Hi All

I am unable to retrive complete output displayed by the table in SQLA 13.

eg : select * from list_of_queries;  ---which will  have a code(int), run_query(varchar/not sure of data type) two columns.

I am new to TPT and calling TPT 13.10 from mainframe. I get a error code TPT_INFRA: TPT02040: Error: Insufficient main storage to allocate 973078581 bytes for a buffer for the name of an INCLUDE file.

Job script preprocessing failed.

I am calling a simple DDL Operator to create a table.

how to append date to export filename in BTEQ script.

.export file =export_file_name_09092010

Hi all,

I'm new to Fast Load and I'm looking for some expert advise. I've tried to load data into my table using CSV file as a FLAT FILE, but I keep getting the following errors ;

Number of rec/msg:7140
Start to send to RDBMS with record 1
RECORD is too long by 21311 bytes
Field 1: 168641609

Full scripts as follows;

sessions 8;
errlimit 250;

logon cda/userid

define cust_no (decimal(14,0))
file =X:\Use Id\Cust.CSV;

begin loading d_database.table
errorfiles d_database.err1, d_database.err2;

insert into d_database.table values(:cust_no);