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What's New in 15.10 for Unity Ecosystem Manager
Unity Ecosystem Manager 15.10 release is now GCA.  Ecosystem Manager is tightly integrated with Unity Director/Loader, Data Mover, Load utilities and BAR to achieve high availability and disaster prevention/recovery.  It is an integral part of the Unity Portfolio (Unity Director/Loader and Unity Data Mover) providing a holistic view of the entire Unified Data Architecture (UDA).  Ecosystem Manager can be deployed in single and multi-system UDA environment.  
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Unity Ecosystem Manager – Advanced Monitoring and Alerting for your UDA
It’s 2 AM, and the Load Job required for the executives’ Monday morning briefing report failed… How are you notified? Ecosystem Manager provides advanced features that can alert and trigger automated corrective actions for such system events.
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What's New in 15.00 for Unity Ecosystem Manager
Unity Ecosystem Manager is part of the Teradata Unity portfolio of products supporting multi-system Teradata Environments.  While part of the Unity portfolio, it can also be leveraged as an event-driven system for efficient monitoring, alerting  and control of an entire analytic environment (Applications, Servers, Jobs, Tables) for a single Teradata, Aster or Hadoop system. 
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What's New in 14.10 for Unity Ecosystem Manager
Unity Ecosystem Manager (Ecosystem Manager) is part of the Teradata Unity portfolio of products (Unity Director, Unity Loader, Unity Data Mover and Unity Ecosystem Manager).  Ecosystem Manager monitors and controls critical applications in both single and multi-system Teradata environments.  It is an event-driven system that monitors operations, generates alerts, and pushes those mission-critical application alerts to operations staff, DBAs, and other subscribed EDW staff. 
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Monitoring ETL applications with Unity Ecosystem Manager
The Analytical Ecosystem can be quite complex. It usually consists of multiple managed servers containing instances of databases, ETL servers, infrastructure services and application servers. Monitoring and managing applications in this environment can be a very challenging task. Knowing at any moment what is the state of your hardware, how your applications are doing, how many jobs have finished successfully, how many failed and why have they failed are the types of questions database administrators typically ask themselves. Now with the addition of Hadoop infrastructure components within an ecosystem, monitoring has become even harder. Unity Ecosystem Manager helps users to answer those questions and perform and necessary maintenance tasks.
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Is your Internal Monitor monitoring (TMSM 13.10)?
The Teradata Multi-System Manager (TMSM) product monitors and controls hardware components, processes, and data loads.  Ever wonder who is monitoring the monitor? The Internal Monitor should not be confused with the external fail over monitor, the fail over monitor is responsible for monitoring the TMSM Master. This article would be useful to anyone attempting to better understand the TMSM Internal Monitor.
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TBUILD 13.10 and TMSM warning
Our site recently updated TPT to 13.10. We call tbuild from within a shell script, which in turn is called from a Command Task in Informatica. We've had no problems prior to the upgrade but the 13.10 version of tbuild issues a warning that TMSM has failed to initialize. We don't have TMSM installed.
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Teradata Multi-System Manager (TMSM) 14.0 Release
Teradata is pleased to announce the Teradata Multi-System Manager (TMSM) 14.00 release effective May 23rd, 2012 (sorry, a little tardy on the release article).  This release is focused on customer enhancement requests, many of which were tied to extending the TMSM infrastructure to better suit customer environments and volume usage. The release includes focused performance improvements, portlet updates, enhancements to the API, and expanded browser support.
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Overview of the TMSM Report Viewer
Teradata Multi-System Manager is an application for monitoring and administration of single and multi-system environments. TMSM Report Viewer allows TMSM (Teradata Multi-System Manager) users to create and view reports about the Teradata ecosystem using data collected by TMSM. The TMSM data model is in Appendix E of the Configuration Guide.  For more information about TMSM, please read this article. This article provides information about TMSM reporting capabilities, shows how to create custom reports, and reviews the out-of-the-box reports provided.
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Teradata Multi-System Manager 13.11 Release
We are pleased to announce the release of Teradata Multi-System Manager (TMSM) release 13.11 on September 28, 2011.    This release allows TMSM to integrate with our newest product in the Dual Systems / Analytical Ecosystem family – Teradata Unity.   TMSM was also enhanced to provide additional table validation options and support for other client platfor
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