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Hi All,
We are trying to load timestamp with time zone ( say EST or IST) into ‘timestamp(6) with time zone’ column. when i try to load the load with the ‘EST’ suffix it is working fine but the thing is while retrieving it is not showing with the time zone as ‘EST’ in sql assistant . Is there any other way to see the data?

Hello Developers,
Could someone suggest me on the usage of "TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE" column?
One of our tables is partitioned on "TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE" column, ranged partitioned as


I created a table with a single column of TIMESTAMP(0) WITH TIME ZONE. When I try to insert value with the following statement

INSERT INTO XOBTTEST (timestmp_with_zone) VALUES ('2010-10-20 14:23:00-05:00' (TIMESTAMP(0) WITH TIME ZONE,FORMAT 'YYYY-MM-DDbHH:MI:SSZ');

I got this error:
3707: Syntax error, expected sothing like ')' or ',' between ")" and the "WITH" keyboard.

When I try the following statement:

INSERT INTO XOBTTEST (timestmp_with_zone) VALUES ('2010-10-20 14:23:00-05:00' (TIMESTAMP(0) ,FORMAT 'YYYY-MM-DDbHH:MI:SSZ');