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I am involved in a Oracle to Teradata forklift project testing effort.  I realize that we (Teradata) have extensive experience in this type of work.

The forklift effort is in the thousands of tables (just one subject area is over 5000 tables to be migrated.

The ALC (ALgorithmic Compression) test package contains UDFs simulating TD13.10 built-in compression functions, test templates for Latin and Unicode character columns and step-by-step instructions. It is intended for TD users to run over specific data at column level to determine compression rates of TD 13.10 built-in compression algorithms. The test results provide information for selecting an appropriate algorithm for specific data. These tests use read-only operations and they can be executed on any release that supports UDFs (V2R6.2 & forward). It is recommended to run these tests off peak hours - they will use a significant amount of system resources (CPU bound).