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Connecting from R via RJDBC and terajdbc4.jar fails
My company is running an R-Studio Server Pro on a Red Hat Linix 6 platform (64bit) and a Teradata 14 RDBMS. When trying to connect via RJDBC, I get an error that seems to be well known in the forums, but the standard recipes for resolving the issues don't help. Here is how I connect to the Teradata DB:
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Connecting to Teradata in R via the teradataR package-Teradata Express VM version
I am adding another article about connecting to Teradata through R by using the teradataR package. The following comes from my experience working on a 64-bit Teradata Express Virtual Machine (TEVM), and complements the existing forum topic at: http://forums.teradata.com/forum/analytics/connecting-to-teradata-in-r-via-the-teradatar-package
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How to use the Teradata JDBC Driver with teradataR
JDBC support has been added to teradataR version 1.0.1 which provides the ability of using the Teradata JDBC Driver through teradataR to connect to the Teradata database.  teradataR allows R users to easily connect to a Teradata database and use statistical functions directly against the Teradata system without having to extract memory into data.  For mor
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TeradataR Question about kemans analysis
HI, I am using teradataR (1.01) to do some clustering analysis, but I found the td.kmeans function can only receive a full table as the input. So my question is can I assign some columns to td.kmeans and make it do analysis only on these columns? like this way: >  test <- td.data.frame("test", "testdb")
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Teradata R - create table based on a data frame using JDBC
Hi All,
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Could not initialize class javax.crypto.SunJCE_b
  Hi,   I am trying to connect to TeraData from R.   RStudio v0.96 (R v2.15.1) JDBC v14.00.00.21 JDK v1.7.0_07 Mac v10.7.4   ... library(DBI) library(RJDBC) library(rJava)
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TeradataR Question
Hi,   I am trying to run some functions in R use TeradataR. IT seems like some of the funcitons does not work or limit the number of rows to top 50. HEre is one of the error which I am receiving 
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Deleting records using teradataR
Hi everyone.  I have created a loop that will do the following 
Connecting to Teradata in R via the teradataR package
It appears that I can successfully connect to Teradata via R, but when I try to perform some function on my td.data.frame, it provides the following error after the last line of my code:  "42S02 -3807 [NCR][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] Object 'my_sample_table' does not exist. " My code:
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TeradataR and RGui
I am looking for courses or webcasts to learn how R and Teradata work together and what it can be used for. I can not find anything in the TD University and am greatful for any tips or suggestions to where to find good tutorials on the subject!