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Dear All,

I am trying to create an external stored procedure using JAVA but keept getting NoSuchMethodException.

I am using windows 7 to compile and create the JAR file (client)

My teradata is running on SUSE Linux(server)

My java class is:

Hi all,


i am trying to load data in my database using informatica but getting the error that is placed below:


Hi all,


i am trying to load data in my database using informatica but getting the error that is placed below:


 Execute Direct -- [Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] An owner referenced by user does not have INSERT WITH GRANT OPTION access to BATABASE_NAME.TABLE_NAME.ID.Unable to get catalog string.


Delta Community Credit Union is hiring for a full-time Senior DBA position managing a large Teradata warehouse and a set of SQL Server application servers.  Experience in Business Intelligence preferred.  Great compensation and world-class benefits at a small company within the Delta family.  Come check it out!




How to get "View vs Table dependency" from dictionary tables by simple querying them? Query needs to list the table names  used by a View. It is possible in Oracle using dba_dependencies and similar table to get the list of tables used by a view. Please advice.



I am new to teradata and learning it as my projet requirement. I am basically an Informatica guy. So an I get a teradata database on my laptop so that I can have a hands on learning.

Kindly give a detailed anwer.



My application works on Teradata client. I dont have access to server and hence i do not know what operations can be done at server . For e.g., at client side, DB updations , running macors n stored procedures can be done at client side. What else operations can be done at server side?


I'm adding up totals within a database and would like to see how the totals change over different time periods.

I'm using this code:


Select Sum(CASE WHEN Offer_1 = 'Y' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) as Offer1,

Sum(CASE WHEN Offer_2 = 'Y' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) as Offer2,

I've contacted many people within my company who use SAS, but I can't figure out how to resolve my issue and am running out of places to turn.


   Datastage8.1 install SUSE 10 64-bit

   Teradata install vm on SUSE 10 64-bit

In the DS server i install the TD ODBC driver. also used the ./adhoc can connect to the TD  and can execute the SQL command. but i don't know two the configuration the ODBC and the env on the DS server?


Top Tier Financial Client has Multiple positions open for Data Analysts. Multiple Locations. Immediate Interviews. Read below for Details.

Locations: Richmond, VA / Mclean, VA / Plano, TX

The job description:

I have a column that has both numbers and texts in the fields.
xyz 120 abc lmnop
xy 120
?/ 567 abc
.... 233

As you can see the fields can have numbers, texts, special chacters, null values, etc. If there is a no numbers in a field I want to return null for that.

Hello All,

We have a Unix C application that connects to Teradata as backend. We are currently migrating from HP-UX to AIX. The exe which is working fine in HP-UX, is dumping core in AIX.

We have re-compiled the code in AIX successfully. We are getting the following error when we try to run the executable -

The 32 bit executable needs to be re-compiled as 64 bits. The exe compiled successfully, but it is dumping core when trying to login to Teradata -

IFMXcomm[21] = 14
IFMXcomm[22] = 9
Before Proc OpenDB 0 1311723748 41
In open Teradata DB
Teradata system: qa

Hi Teradata Experts

Here is an Interesting opportunity for people with expertise in Teradata Development.

Here is the Job Description :

Designation                                       : Software/Sr.Software Engineer
Experience                                         :5-8Years.
Location                                             : Hyderabad
Education Qualifications               : B. Tech/MS/M.Tech

Skills/Expertise Required:
Strong Teradata SQL writing skills and Teradata SQL tuning concepts (Must)

Ok the setup is RHEL 5 with unixODBC 2.2.11 python 2.4 using pyodbc 2.1.5

I have followed the instructions located here:


To try and get this working but with no luck. I can get sql server and mysql working and everything like that but just can't get teradata to work. I've tried downloading and using the 13.0 bundle and the 13.10 bundle linking the files and everything like that. When i look at the trace it looks like this:

SQLHENV 0x13a13830


I have an issue regarding a group by for my query: Error 3540

I understand what it means on a basic level and I believe the issue revolves around this particular column

CAST((COALESCE(price, 0.000000)) AS DECIMAL(18,6)) * quantity amount


NOTE: Teradata SQL Assistant 12.0 worked over the past year and just started giving me an issue in the past month or two. I am running on Windows XP Professional 32-bit.

I am running into an interesting error that I cannot seem to find a solution to. When trying to run Teradata SQL Assistant 12.0, I am receiving the following error prompt:

Error received: "Error occurred during GetIniData. Code=339

Component 'POWERE~1.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid

can you also explain how a row level lock can be requested in macro? and some situations where Optimizer determines for a table level lock?

Thanks forum.

I have just complete some testing with a application I have made using the JDBC teradata driver. However, when I read from my resultset it appears that I lose non standard characters such as (± ¼ »). These are typically used within xml which is what I am also retrieving from the database, and they return as question marks, with an int value of 65533.
The values themselves are correctly shown in Teradata SQL assistant.
I have also tried creating a mysql database, which I could return the same characters from successfully.


I require a Teradata DBA with at least 8yrs of experience and a Physical/Logical Data modeler with exposure to Teradata environment with at least 4yrs of experience. These requirements are for my prestigious client for 3+ months in Teaneck, NJ and Raleigh, NC respectively.

I am trying to select a "microfocus cobol format " dataset from teradata 13.0 ,so that cobol can read them .
I use fastexport to output the dataset.

select * from test;

I want to select data like :

old_xxx new_xxx
-------- --------
-123.456 12345v --negative number will convert to 'v' like in oracle " select chr(ascii('6')+64) from dual"
123.450 123450
-123.450 12345p
123.456 123456


I was running a complicated query using Teradata installed on my local laptop. But my laptop went to stand-by mode as it was closed. So, I had to re-boot my laptop. I have been running the teradata query for the last 8 hours and feel frustrated. Is there a way to recover whatever was done by the query and re-start from where it crashed?


I want to store large numbers (like 2**99) in a Teradata table. I cannot use decimal since it's out of limits and gets truncated. If I use float, the value is getting rounded off and not accurate. Is there any way/datatype I can use to store such values?


In my application, hibernate transactions are managed by spring aop and uses Terdata as database.


There is one service class i.e. ServiceClass.

It has method called save which takes list of objects as parameters and checks whether it is modified or not by checking it with data from database.

After that it calls the DAO class which persist the data in database.

ServiceClass method's aop:

Hi I have a select satatement in stored procedure,

Inthe where condition, i have

b.dt2_month_end =( DATE :THIS_END_DATE - EXTRACT(DAY FROM :THIS_END_DATE))--------statement A
i'm getting some syntax error.(I declared :THIS_END_DATE parameter before begin, so i think no prob with parameter)

if i give hard coded values like

Senior Data Modeler
Teradata & Oracle 10g or higher

ERwin data modeling exp required

Retail experience

Local candidates preferred

Senior level candidates only – must have at least 4+ years of relevant data modeling exp.

Project responsibilities:
Create, manage, and modify logical and physical data models using a variety of data modeling philosophies and techniques
Profile source data and meet regularly with IT and business users to develop complete source to target data mappings
Assist with the development and enforcement data modeling standards

Hi Gurus,

We are doing analysis on Migrating The Data warehouse from DB2 to Teradata 13.
In order to do we are evaluating the different set of Tasks.

Hi All,

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but it's to do with the system requirements needed to run Teradata V12.0.0.09.

There are five people in my team currently using laptops with the following specs:

Dell Latitude D531
Processor:Mobile AMD Sempron Processor 3600+ 2.0 GHz
RAM: 2Gb.
OS: Windows XP Professional SP 3

We can experience severe delays when accessing the database with queries using either the Teradata SQL assistant or Unica ( a RDBMS).

Actifact Corp is looking for a Teradata developer for a contract position with our client in Orlando, FL. You will work with a great team on a state-of-the-art enterprise data warehouse. This is initially a 6-month contract, but may be extended.

Your responsibilities will include:

Data transformations and analysis using SQL.

Write complex SQL transformations

Validate data correctness

Performance analysis and tuning.

Analyze new and existing workload using EXPLAIN, query log, timings.

Monitor performance.


I have a few Decimal, Character and Integer columns in my table. How may I write a query in Teradata to get the maximum permissible characters/digits in each of those columns? Please help this newbie.

Thanks and regards

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to get a Teradata ODBC driver to work on an Oracle/AIX platform instead of windows. I've gotten the Tnsping working, however when I go to use the link I recieve the following error message:

ERROR at line 1:
ORA-28545: error diagnosed by Net8 when connecting to an agent
Unable to retrieve text of NETWORK/NCR message 65535
ORA-02063: preceding 2 lines from LINK_TDDEV

We are looking for a strong IT Leader to manage our current Teradata team on an operational, day-to-day 24/7 basis but also to advance Teradata strategically across the Enterprise. Qualified candidates should have a minimum of 3 yrs management exp as well as strong Teradata knowledge/experience.

User SQL Server 2008 to connect to Teradata

Can anyone help me on how to do this? I am using Teradata Version : / Provider Version : ODBC / Database Version : Teradata 13.00.0013

How might I use SQL Server 2008 with it. Do I need to make a Linked Server, and if so how might I do that for ODBC?

We, as management consultants (Pegasus Management Consultants), require professional corporate trainer for a leading IT corporate on the below skill sets.

Training details -

Duration – 8 hrs/ day 1 week

Number of Students - 15 persons (mixed group of junior consultants and freshers)

Location – Chennai / Bangalore

Hello All,

I am trying to Install Teradata Viewpoint on Laptop but its been failing for some reason.

I have installed following component but not able to Start the Viewpoint Services on Windows Machine

- JDK 1.5
- ANT Apache Toolkit
- PostgreSQL (Configured with required Databases)
- Viewpoint Binaries

There is one guide for Viewpoint Installation (http://developer.teradata.com/viewpoint/reference/getting-started-with-viewpoint-pdk/installing-the-viewpoint-development-portal-1) I have already tried those steps but not successful in starting the Viewpoint Service.

Hi all,

I am relatively new to Teradata. I am actually looking to take a certification exam in teradata. However, I am confused by difference in the certification exams. I see two different tracks for the certification. One is V2R5 related stuff (like NR0-011) and the other is Teradata 12 stuff (like TE0- 121).


We do have a below update query, we do not have any PI or USI in WHERE clause.

UPDATE target_table SET col_b = :a WHERE col_c = :ix;

We do execute the above query from DataStage (ETL tool)

They are 30 countries which are started in intervals of 1 minute.

Does anyone know if there is a way to dynamically set the value of a literal parameter based on the values returned in a prior analysis? As with all reports, we use a lot of dates and in order to hit the partitions on most of our tables, the dates have to be in a literal (date) or a literal parameter (date).

Hello everyone,

I am new to teradata and I am trying to upload a file using fast load.
When I run the batch file I get the following error in the log file:

Not enough fields in vartext data record number: 1

In the teradata table, I have varchar (100) for all the colums, so not sure what is going on.

My script is the following:

sessions 1;
errlimit 10;
logon DWSANA/username,password;

set record vartext;
begin loading D_CFAEISDB.FTP_profile_fl01 errorfiles d_cfaeisdb.Err1,d_cfaeisdb.Err2;
DEFINE FILE=\\is-m-54lxx-fs12\DBP_PLANNING\Fast Load\FTP profile.txt;


We have some immediate opportunities with our client in BFSI Domain in

The Positions we have is

Lead analyst

Kindly let me know your career interest if you are currently not looking for a change

As we have ongoing requirements

Hope someone out there can help me with this. My client is looking for someone to interview and start ASAP!

Teradata DBA / Performance Analyst Responsibilities:
* Implement complex or non-routine data models, database designs, data access, and table maintenance codes
* Resolve complex database performance issues, database capacity issues, replication, and other distributed data issues
* Consult with application development teams and advise them of the correct usage of appropriate data manipulation techniques

Excellent opportunity at the Global Headquarters of a leading well know and established company in Boca Raton, FL. Please review the description below and if you are interested/qualified, please contact me at markb@consultis.com. If you are not interested/qualified can you refer to that would be. We offer a referral fee for anyone that you refer that we can place. This is a contract to hire position.
Lead DBA (Teradata)
Complete Description:
• Serves as an expert consultant to applications developers to provide expertise on database capabilities and constraints

While loading rows into a table, FastLoad displays, by default, an output message for every 100,000 rows loaded,  for example:

**** 14:47:20 Starting row 100000
**** 14:47:21 Starting row 200000
**** 14:47:22 Starting row 300000

If the number of rows being loaded is less than 100,000, FastLoad will not output any of these messages.

These messages are used as heartbeats that indicate that FastLoad is working for a long running job.

That was fine for jobs decades ago, however, for today's jobs where millions (and even billions) of rows are being loaded this much output may not be sensible. Can we imagine what the console output would look like with the default output message rate of every 100,000 rows?


23/7/10 Urgent contract requirement ****EXCELLENT RATES******

Management of Enterprise Data Warehouse system in a highly dynamic environment. The person must be capable of applying innovative approaches to solving design and technical issues. Familiarity with a Teradata environment would be a definite plus.
*Experience with ODI or Sunopsis
*Development and data modelling, with strong Unix and SQL skills. Preferably with Teradata
*Redhat Linux hands-on experience
*Knowledge of ASG Rochade metadata management tool and Orsyp job scheduling tool is preferable. Training will be provided

Hello Everyone,

I have a brilliant opportunity for a Teradata specialist within a global company.

• Need to have several years of experience in DWH with strong expertise in Teradata database and Teradata Utility.
• Extensive experience in coding Teradata SQL, BTEQ, MLOAD, Fast Load and Fast Export.
• Should have expertise in requirement gathering/analysis, data modeling/design, performance tuning and development for DWH projects.
• Must have relevant experience working in a banking domain.

Need strictly a Teradata DBA.
Must conduct day to day TeraData DBA tasks.
Must have physical modeling experience.
Must have excellent communication skills.

Should have at least 5+ years experience.

Please forward your rate requirement, resume, and contact information to:

Michael White