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Dear All
I have recently moved from Windows to Mac and am trying to get used to the change. At the same time I am new to Teradata and want to learn it. I have installed Teradata Studio on Mac but I am unable to create a database connection and database to start working on it. 


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Hi everybody,
Could anybody tell me how TD analytical functions are implemented under the hub?

I'm new to Teradata and have a question on creating a table with a CPPI.
I have a table with a few hundered million rows. I want to create partitioning on a column called SAP_CODE whose structure is always four digits. The first digit is alphanumeric the last 3 digits are numeric, e.g. S001, M123, Z012.


A third party vendor has developed a data mart application for us and now they are deploying it.  This is a cloud based 

application using Informatica 9.0 and Teradata 13 database. The source data files are comming from different locations

I have a long script Teradata SQL in SQL Assistant 13.11 that has about 20 places where a date is used, each time I run it, I need to change the dates manually & want to name the Date at the Start & add the variable name instead of the date to save work (& mistakes).

Hi i have written a script in bteq .
The queries execute fine but at the end the scripts exits with below error.
*** Warning: EOF on INPUT stream.|
*** BTEQ exiting due to EOF on stdin.|
*** Exiting BTEQ...|
*** RC (return code) = 4 |
How do I resolve this error.I have also tried adding :

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Hi Teradata gurus,
I have developed a process in Java that read some files, add some fields, and load in some pipes to my TPT script.
In my tests I'm loading 6 pipes with 6 separeted Threads.
To load this I have these Producer Operators:

I need help with this issue.

Dear All,
Anybody remember the SLJM windows client for SLJM? it was a win32 application, and could read job status from SLJM configured on Unix. Anybody knows where I can get it from?

Hello, Everyone

I just want to know if it is normal that executor.exe uses 40% above of cpu.


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Playing with some engine designs that require volatile tables structures based on existing tables structures on a system. The number of unique table structures is very high, so minimal customization should be required or it becomes a sustainability problem.

Very simple example: 

Hi All! I need your help. How do we create Master and Working Repositories in Teradata that ODI would connect to? We need to create a development environment that would mimic the above set up. How can we go about to do this? Thanks in advance!


How does TPUMP behaves if we have 2 rows with same UPI key in flat file?

Is there any method it choose order of data while executing tpump?

I have flat file with data as:


ID | Name

1 | A

1 | B



I am a beginner concerning the Teradata. I was trying to find simple descriptions on the internet about functions QUALIFY; RANK; OVER; PARTITION BY - unfortunately unsuccessfully. I coudn't find a simple explanation what does each of the funcions do.

Can anyone send me a link or give a explanation about this functions.

The Teradata Named Pipe Access Module (NPAM) provides an inter-process communication link between a writer process (such as FastExport) and a reader process (such as FastLoad).  The NPAM can also be used by Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT) for data transfer activity.

This article discusses the Fallback file that is used by the NPAM.

I'm working on architecture diagrams to illustrate Teradata in an environment that includes Microsoft, Oracle/Sun, IBM, HP, and other technologies. I can find Visio shapes for all these platforms at www.visiocafe.com, but none for Teradata.




Is there any tool or method or something else which can help me with analysis of the process.

The process contains around 15 steps and each job step is represented with one SQL script. I am working with Teradata.

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Hi All,

I am a new member to this forum.  I am currently working on Mainframe Technology(6 yrs) and looking for a technology change.  Please let me know how to start and what are the advantages/opportunities I would have with this change. 



Hi all

Am done with some trainings on teradata. am still giving some reading.


I want to know the roles and responsibilities of a Teradata Developer with 3 - 5 years of experience.Would be helpful for my preperation.




Windows setup: tdodbc__windows_i386. (tdicu, TeraGSS, tdodbc), Python-2.7.3, pyodbc-3.0.3


I am able to extract data from using tdxodbc.  The following piece of python code also works fine -- 



>>> import pyodbc

Here is what I have that is causing the error........












I am trying to import some data and it keeps giving me a format error. Is this because I am not including the column headers? Thanks for the help!

I need some help as to how I can import a .csv file with the date format as MMDDYYYY so that it changes to YYYYMMDD. I know you can do a INSERT INTO table.name function and add the FORMAT(column name) function, but I am not exactly sure of the syntax and how to correctly do it. Any help or guidance is appreciated.


First, I would like to appologize to those who will find my question too general or even maybe irrelevant to the forum topics that can be found here, but I need to ask these questions.

I just got a job in a Telekom company that is using Teradata. I have a few assignments that have to do with ETL processes.


We are trying to do a EntityManager.MERGE operation in JPA and trying to retrieve the ID generated from the identity column but Teradata doesn't return the ID like Oracle does. is there any way of pulling the ID back from the JPA transaction.


The environment my Windows app runs in has recently changed and uses LDAP as the authentication method for connection to the Teradata warehouse.

But I'm really stuck, I am unable to connect using my app now.  I can connect ok using the Queryman application, using the same User ID and Password values, so I know the connection is possible and queries will run and return results from the Queryman application.

My ConnectionString looks like this:

I have a table with a column of alpha-numeric data the currently has multiple (periods) "." and spaces in the string.

I need to remove them for data compare in another DBMS.

I have searched not only through this forum but others as well and can not seem to find the solution.

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The Teradata Named Pipe Access Module (NPAM) provides an inter-process communication link between a writer process (such as FastExport) and a reader process (such as FastLoad). The NPAM can also be used by Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT) for data transfer.

The reader process will initialize the NPAM module via an Initialization string and this article details the various parameters that are initialized during this process.

The Teradata Named Pipe Access Module (NPAM) provides an inter-process communication link between a writer process (such as FastExport) and a reader process (such as FastLoad).  The NPAM can also be used by Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT) for data transfer.

This article details the different modes in which Named pipes are opened and used by NPAM for data transfer activity.

What is the best way to convert 'yyyy-mm-dd' to the Teradata interger storage of a date? (yyyy-1900)mmdd


For example:

If my date was April 1, 2012 and it was stored in the database column in the format 'yyyy-mm-dd'.

This is what I am trying to get: 1120401


I  want to load special characters to teradata table. Can anyone tell me reqiured settings for that!!!


eg: say my source contains following data.






 I am trying tofind if any one used session-specific volatile or temp tables from Data stage - (TD connector stage) on Teradata ?

I was told by my ETL folks  given the parallel nature of DataStage in that it opens many independent Teradata sessions and hence we cannot use volatile tables ! Did nay one used this ?

Hi Professionals,

We have some Informatica Mload jobs running daily and weekly

since yesterday we are facing some job fails in production due to the below error

we did not change any thing all of sudden we got this issue.


Hi everyone! I am currently studying Teradata and currently working on this problem of mine. You see, i have this set of data on a flat file that needs to be loaded in a table based on a condition.

This is what my flat file looks like:

SOR|03/17/2012|2 -- This is a header

Hi all,

anybody Using Datastage 8.1 version  with Teradata database 13.10  ? please let me know.

Thank you


Suprisingly, I'm not finding many examples of this out there.  

I have a table like:


id  foo

--  ----

1   yes

2   yes 

3   no


i want a 1 row result set like: 



1: yes, 2: yes, 3: no


Hello!  I'm new to the forum, nice to meet you all. 

I want to Update and Insert when a condition in the case was true. However, it seems that Teradata doesn't accept it. My question is, is there a way for that to happen?



CASE WHEN SEL Table1.Column return TRUE





Is there going to be a release of SQL Assistant that can be installed on Windows 7 64bit?  The Java version doesn't work very quickly and is cumbersome to use.



Problem statement:


We want to set custom SQLSTATE in Teradata stored procedures. The only way to set custom SQLSTATE value is through external stored procedure.