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What does Remote Data Import on viewpoint mean?
Hi TD, I am trying to import a table of size 15GB(uncompressed text format on hive) from td hadoop to teradata using Query Grid. When monitoring the job through viewpoint, the Remote data Imported shows a value of 800T intially and then reduces to 500E and eventually to 218T. What exactly do those values mean?  
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Viewpoint Stats Manager problem
Hello All, We recently got upgraded to 14.10 and we are looking to automate stats. I found that we have "Automatic Statistics Management" through viewpoint. Read orange book and set the all things as per it but facing some problem as below,
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Viewpoint and Corresponding DBC Table
Hi In Viewpoint Query-Monitor, for a particular session we can check the cpu skew and also the highest and average cpu. If I want to check this from database, then which table and column shall I refer, is it DBQLogTbl or AMPUsageV view or anything else?   Thanks Santanu
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TASM Filters and Exceptions
Hi, We are trying to implement a filter that would restrict users from returning more than 10,000,000,000 rows however there seems to be a restriction to 10 characters restricting us to 1,000,000,000, any ideas? Rgds Paul  
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3192 for Viewpoint Data Collectors
Hi All.  We consistently receive 3192 (No utility partitions available) errors for some of our Data Collectors.          [Teradata Database] [TeraJDBC] [Error 3192] [SQLState HY000] No utility partitions available. Try later. I've been told this is directly related to hung sessions in the DBCCONS partition. 
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Teradata Viewpoint Installation
Hello All, I am trying to Install Teradata Viewpoint on Laptop but its been failing for some reason. I have installed following component but not able to Start the Viewpoint Services on Windows Machine - JDK 1.5 - ANT Apache Toolkit - PostgreSQL (Configured with required Databases) - Viewpoint Binaries There is one guide for Viewpoint Installation (http://developer.teradata.com/viewpoint/reference/getting-started-with-viewpoint-pdk/installing-the-viewpoint-development-portal-1) I have already tried those steps but not successful in starting the Viewpoint Service.
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