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When I read the teradata documents, in the section about Table UDF, I was confused by the statement "The number and data types of the output parameters can be specified statically in the CREATE FUNCTION statement or dynamically at runtime in the SELECT statement that invokes the table function."

It is the Big Data era. But we do not have enough "big applications". 

This tool - 'Common UDF' - provides a code builder for both Teradata table UDF and Hadoop Pipes UDF based on the same core code. In this way, we can implement applications for both Teradata and Hadoop with the same code.

Download cmudf.zip (7Kb)

This topic will be disucssed at Teradata PARTNERS 2012, Session ID 1987 - Common UDF cross Hadoop and Teradata – One Software for Two Platforms. Please join us at this session to learn more.