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Need help in writing a SQL to extract a code from the column which is a varying URL
Hi, I am having hardtime writing the most eficient SQL for the following use case. Column(URL) /extreme/social/Step7.jsp?Source=1234&returnURL=/dyn/dyn/servlet/securePdf.dyn?file=/content/dam/role/PDFs/secure/safetravel.pdf&isCQPage=true
substring teradata sql
Teradata 14 certification Help
Hi, I am planning to write Teradata 14 certifications. Can any one suggest me which materials are good to study. I am planning to write first 3 exams in next month.  Please guide me if you know any good materials.   Thanks in advance varna
Teradata 14 Certification teradata sql
Best Practices for Writing and Tuning Teradata SQL
This session is intended for those already familiar with writing SQL but who are somewhat new to Teradata.
best practices sql writing and tuning teradata sql
teradata SQL query
Hi, can any one help me giving the code to this query?   I have a Customer table which have duplicate rows. In that table I. I want only unique rows. 2. I want only Duplicate rows ( if in Table unique rows exist, i don't want them to display)   Thank you Meena
teradata sql query tuning
filter numeric letters from combination of alpha numeric letters and numeric letters
Hi All,   I have requirement to filter the numeric characters from the combination of alphanumeric nad numeric records. Example: i/p: V3456TY                      V5678YU                      9856                      B903RT                      235                      M8900TU  
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Default date column not aligning in xcel
Hi  I have a date column in which the default low date is not  not aligning with other dates in the columns  here is the screen shot .  LAST PMT DATE 10/31/2009 8/2/2005 9/18/2009 12/26/2007 12/13/2006 3/15/2012 4/21/2009 11/9/2011
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If Exists in Teradata SQL
Hi, In Sybase, you can use IF EXISTS to validate the existance of a table, if it exists, a set of statements should be executed inside the stored procedure. What is the equivalent code in Teradata SQL Assistant ? And what is the issue in using if exists in teradata? Thanks in advance.  
If exists teradata sql Sybase to teradata stored procedure
Teradata SQl Query with Group by
I have data  as follows in a Table ( 3 columns ):
teradata sql group by partition by
TIME (0) field converted to INTEGER
Hello, I'm facing a pretty strange issue here, wanted to see if anybody had any insight on this.  I'm creating a TD table with a TIME(0) field in it. Strangely, once the CREATE TABLE is complete, the table is created with a INTEGER field instead. Table Create SQL:
teradata sql date and time conversion create table - date issue
strange error SELECT failed 3707 syntax error, expected something '(' between ')' and IN keyword
I have created a view with complex logic. While I am trying to select that view.I am getting the error mentioned in the subject. FYI. The logic doesnt contain any IN keyword...   Looks strange.   Could anyone help in this regard? Thanks in advance KVB
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