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Good Afternoon All,
Hoping someone can help me out with an issue that's causing me a great deal of frustration...

I installed TQS Client and Server on one of my windows server (Windows 2008 Server R2 Enterprise).

Hi all,
Has anyone been able to extend the length of a query in TQS?

Mine seems to be truncating around the 58,000 character limit.

Any help will be appreciated

Hi all,

The 'Expired' status can be found in the Status column of the TD QS Viewer application. When I only had a handful of jobs, I used to just drop and recreate a scheduled request to get rid of the 'Expired' status. (Yes, it may be primitive, but it worked for me then). But now, I have a whole system of jobs and they eventually expire after some time. It just doesn't make sense for me to reset them manually anymore. I want the jobs to stop expiring and just let them run continuously unless I manually stop them.