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Hello Every One,
I have the below table and i need to add the few more partitions without dropping the table. Is this possible ?
Below are the partitions needed.

SYR =  201401 ,

SYR =  201402 ,

SYR =  201403 ,

SYR =  201404 



Forgive me if this is something realy basic. 
I want to create a partition (or a secondary partition) on a character column but want to define a range (like interval or each 1).
The field will store a date in 'YYYY-MM' format. with a '-' in the data. what is the best way to do it ?  

Kindly do suggest me the best way to add a partition to an existing table
1 way :-
1. rename the existing table
2. create a new table with similiar structure
3. Insert data from renamed table to this table
4. Collect stats
2 Way :-
Use an alter table statement