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I'm working on an installation package for Teradata and for some reason, TPT is installing the 32-bit version on a 64-bit OS. Everything else seems to be installing the 64-bit version. I have the install files for 64-bit TPT but it's defaulting to 32-bit only on TPT.

When exporting data to a flat file we seeing that decimals with over 18 precision are being returned as zero.  MaxDecimalDigits is set to 38 so is there something else we are doing incorrectly here?
Columns 1, 3 and 5 are being exported as zero. So the first column 2687.350 ends up in the flat file as 0.  

Hi All
I am creating a TPT script to load some characters into table. I know if I set the session character set to UTF8 it will get loaded. But I am unable to set the session character set to UTF8 using my TPT script. 

Source : SQL Server
Destination : Teradata 13.10
Both Source and Destination tables have NoPI.

Hi Forum
I am using TPT utility(13.10) from within the Business Objects Data Services (v14). It creates the batch file and control file to run the utility commands.
I have tried to tlogview the log files created in -t -d options iftdbuild command. They do not give me any meaningful error information.