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R Configuration in Aster Express VM
Hi,  I downloaded the Aster Express 5.10 VM to evaluate R plugin i was able to activate the ncluster setup with one queen and Worker node. however i am not able to complete install R into the clusters.
Aster R teradata express edition vmware
Connecting to Suse linux VMware database while on VPN
Hi all, I have a problem connecting to Suse VMware image for Teradata database. It works OK at work place. But at home, when I am on VPN, I can't access the database from the Windows 7 host. Does anybody have any ideas as to how to solve this? Thanks Sreenath    
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Connecting to Teradata Express for VMware through local network
I've mounted the Teradata Express for VMware image and can access the evaluation DB from within VMWare Workstation. I'm now attempting to connect to the Teradata database on the VM over my local network to query the DB with the .NET provider. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to connect to the VM database?
teradata express edition vmware .net data provider nquery networking
disstart high cpu usage on Teradata Express 13
/usr/tdbms/bin/disstart is permanently using more than 60% of the cpu. Does anybody experienced the same problem and solved it ?
teradata express edition vmware disstart cpu
Which Express version for Win7 x64 w/ solid state drive?
Which Express version should I install for my Win7 x64 w/ solid state drive laptop? (from ) Teradata Express for Windows? Teradata Express for VMware Player? Does it partition the drive when you install it? Am I running a huge risk by installing either of these on a solid state drive?
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TDLOAD error on Teradata Express 13.0 for VMware
I am using the 40GB version of Teradata Express 13.0. It installed easily and the database is running fine. I am following the examples on the Developer Exchange - Introduction to Teradata Express for VMware Player and trying to load data from a file. I am having a problem with the new(?) tdload utility. I get an error when I try to run it:
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