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What are the sample databases installed in Teradata Express 15? I know some of them such as retail, financial but don't know if there are some more. Where can I find such information? Is there any data model for these databases. Is there any sample database for Warehouse miner express?

I have downloaded the VM for TD 15, however I am finding it difficult to locate the credentials to login to OpenSuse. Could anyone of you help me, please? Are there any instruction manuals for this VM? May be it is available and I missed it. Appreciate your reply.

Is it known about when Teradata Express 15 for Amazon EC2 might be available?  Thank you.

Hi All,
I am facing an issue with reconnect in .NET and ODBC connectors from SQLA when i do a DBS restart. I am seeing this in TD Expres 15.0 SLES 10 40GB  VM.
Teradata .NET Data Provider :
Issue here is that after a successful DBS restart, SQLA is not maintaining the current session context.