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I have Teradata Express 13.0 for VMware (4 GB) up and running. But I could not find any test data/tables in there. Can someone direct me how to find test data where I can query? Do I have to download and run 40GB or 1TB in order to get the test data?
Thank you. 

I just installed Teradata Express 13 VMWare instance. Everything installed and works fine, except I am unable to connect to the dbc database via a Teradata 13 JDBC driver. The URL supplied is:  "jdbc:teradata://localhost/DBS_PORT=1025,DATABASE=dbc,CHARSET=UTF8".
Please advise?
Thanks... Vince

I download and installed the 390MB Teradata Express for Windows client from the page below

So you are testing or developing in a Teradata Express 13 or a general Teradata environment and you are anxious to integrate your Java code into your Teradata DB using Java UDF extensibility...just to find yourself in an errors-headache with things like:

- 7583 The secure mode processes had a set up error

I have a problem using the TDGeoExport tool V1.6 with Teradata express 13.0. I am trying to export some locations (ST_Geometry points) from a Teradata database to KML format for visualising on Google Earth.

The TDGeoExport running script is as follows:-