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test data/tables in Teradata Express 13.0 for VMware (4 GB)??
I have Teradata Express 13.0 for VMware (4 GB) up and running. But I could not find any test data/tables in there. Can someone direct me how to find test data where I can query? Do I have to download and run 40GB or 1TB in order to get the test data? Thank you. 
teradata express teradata express 13 test data
Unable to connect to Teradta Express 13 via JDBC
Hi,   I just installed Teradata Express 13 VMWare instance. Everything installed and works fine, except I am unable to connect to the dbc database via a Teradata 13 JDBC driver. The URL supplied is:  "jdbc:teradata://localhost/DBS_PORT=1025,DATABASE=dbc,CHARSET=UTF8". Please advise?   Thanks... Vince  
teradata express 13 jdbc
How to Install and Configure Teradata Express 13.0 in Windows
Hi, I download and installed the 390MB Teradata Express for Windows client from the page below
teradata express 13 how to configure teradata express 13 installation and configure help
Java UDFs in Teradata Express 13 & Windows XP - An errors-prevention guide
So you are testing or developing in a Teradata Express 13 or a general Teradata environment and you are anxious to integrate your Java code into your Teradata DB using Java UDF extensibility...just to find yourself in an errors-headache with things like: - 7583 The secure mode processes had a set up error
java udf windows xp teradata express 13 authorization errors
Can't export Teradata Geospatial ST_Geometry to KML
I have a problem using the TDGeoExport tool V1.6 with Teradata express 13.0. I am trying to export some locations (ST_Geometry points) from a Teradata database to KML format for visualising on Google Earth. The TDGeoExport running script is as follows:-
geospatial tdgeoexport 1.6 un-supported data types teradata express 13