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Hi All;
I have installed the drivers for php on a RHEL 7 system. I've configured the odbc.ini with the same settings I had on an older system but I am getting this error when trying to load a page that queries the database. Installed driver is 15.10

Hi All, 
I am trying to compile the teradata driver for php based on these instructions
I am getting an error about a missing odbc.h file. Anybody run into this issue? 
I am using php 5.6.20 and the compile details are as follows

I am using Teradata jdbc driver to connect to Teradata data base from my java application. Couple of days back I got the following issue 'TeraResultSet:getTimestamp function failed'.

I need to connect , OBIEE RPD  with teradata database. My OBIEE server is in Linux.
I need to install ODBC driver for Teradata in Linux.
I have downloaded the odbc software from "http://downloads.teradata.com/download/connectivity/odbc-driver/linux"
But the read me files says , ODBC installation depends on