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The Teradata Connector for Hadoop (TDCH) Command Line Edition provides bi-directional data movement between Teradata and Hadoop in a command line environment.

I'm trying to use TDCH 1.3 command line edition to import from TD to HCatalog.  I consistently get an exception.  I've tried various versions of Hive and HCatalog with no success: CDH4.5 with Hive 0.11, CDH5.0 with Hive 0.12, and HDP 2.1 with Hive 0.13.  All throw the same exception.
Here is my job setup:

Hi All,
I am using teradata-connector-1.2.1 with the following versions:
->Teradata 14.0
->HDP 2.0(Hadoop
->Hive 0.11

I am trying to import data from teradata tables to Hive.
/*Created table and inserted a row in teradata*/

I am trying to export data from HDFS (HDP 2.06) into Teradata(version 13) using td-connector-for-hadoop-1.0.9a-hdp1.3-linux-x86-64-sqoop-integration-edition.
Its giving following error while exporting: