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I am trying to use TPT to move a table from Oracle 10g to Teradata 12 using the ODBC operator with Oracle ODBC driver When I execute the script with tbuild, I get

EMAIL_SRC_CD_LK_ODBC: connecting sessions
**** 12:38:34 Fatal error received from ODBC driver:
MSG='[Oracle][ODBC]Driver not capable.'
= =
= ODBC Driver Information =

Hi All,

We are using .Net Dataprovider for Teradaya version13.01.00.We already installed the provider on our machine(Windows server 2008).We tried to connect to our remote server Teradata database using Nquery we got the below error.

[TeraGSS Security Library] [115022] exception occured in TERAGSS layer.See inner exception.

We are using the below connectrion string to connect to terardata base from NQuery

Data Source = x.x.x.x; User Id = sssss; Password = ssssss;

If my connection string is wrong can help me to write connection string by using the below crecdentials