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TDCH to Hive inserts NULL values
I have been trying to import Teradata Tables into Hive using the TDCH utility. The utility seems to be working fine since the connection is successful. However after the job completes and when I check the values in the respective hive table I get all NULL values. The separator and delimiters are fine.
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sum for trailing 365 days for users
Hi  I'm trying to find the sum of amount for an 'ID' trailing 365 days from the 'DT'. Below is a sample from the data I'm working on. The below table consists of dates when purchase was made , id and the amount. I wanted to calculate amount spent by an id trailing 365 days from the 'DT'. Any help on this will be appreciated. Thanks.
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Python module for Teradata
Hi I have installed python from Anaconda Continuum and later installed teradata module conda install teradataIt installed successfully then ran the hello world program like this
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BTEQ set width option
Hi,   In my BTEQ statement, I'm selecting two columns of a table and I'm exporting the output to local file. When I check that file only one column is present. I even tried giving the maximum value for .set width option (65531). It was not working. Please help me on this.   Thanks in advance, Sanjay.
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How to do partitioning on a ID columns
We have a decimal value column, can anyone please advice how to do partitioning using that column. Thanks in advance. 
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Avoid skewing during delete Teradata
HI,   I am trying to delete the non PI column from the pi column of the same table. Query as below.   delete From A tbl1   Where  Exists(                 Select 1                  From A tbl2                 Where tbl1.non_pi = tbl2.PI
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Using Rank Numbers are getting Skipped in Teradata 13.10
Select Region,Store,Sales, Rank()over(partition by Region Order by sales desc) as SalesRank from SalesTable Qualify SalesRank>=4 Input Region Store Sales SalesRank 2 821 82224 1 2 615 5323 2 2 143 5323 2 2 242 4123 4 Desired Output Region Store Sales SalesRank 2 821 82224 1 2 615 5323 2 2 143 5323 2 2 242 4123 3
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Same ROW-Hash Value for all the record
Hi All, When i tried finding the Row hash value for the unique column which have all unique values ,i saw that all row hash value matches for every single record present there. http://www.teradatatech.com/?p=470 this link suggest that row hash values cannot be same for unique as well as non unique columns.
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Expression for the last day of the month based on Accounting Period
=Year(DateAdd("m", -5, DateValue(Parameters!PD2.Value & "/01/" & Parameters!FY.Value))) & "-" & iif(Month(DateAdd("m", -5, DateValue(Parameters!PD2.Value & "/01/" & Parameters!FY.Value)))>9,Month(DateAdd("m", -5, DateValue(Parameters!PD2.Value & "/01/" & Parameters!FY.Value))), "0" & Month(DateAdd("m", -5, DateValue(
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Is there a way to indicate if you have submitted a query in Teradata Studios
Hello, I have recently moved to Teradata Studios for Teradata SQL Assistant, when I ran queries within Teradata SQL Assistant the screen went pink after I sent off a query. Is there a way to configure the UI to do this in Teradata Studios. Everything is done in the backgroud which is rather annoying when your use to Teradata SQL Assistant.
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