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I am migrating a table from Oracle to TD 14.0 and using it for further transformations.
After migrating it to TD, I have ran minus on both TD & Oracle table data (which is copied TD by some third party tool).
Select col1 from table 1 minus select col1 from table 2;

Statistics about tables, columns and indexes are a critical component in producing good query plans.

Hi All ,
I have successfully installed Teradata Express 14.0 VMWare image.  I was also successful in logging in and checking that BTEQ is available.

In this session, we explore the features and functions available in Teradata 14.0 that will have a direct impact on the business community.

Teradata 14.0 offers some very helpful enhancements to the statistics collection process.   This posting discusses a few of the key ones, with an explanation of how these enhancements can be used to streamline your statistics collection process and help your statistics be more effective.