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Stats were collected in Teradata 12
Teradata upgraded to Teradata 14
What happens to the stats from Teradata 12?

I need to reverse engineer several Teradata 14 databases into ERwin 9.5.

Hi all,
Please guide me to start preparing for Teradata 14 basics certification . Where should i start ? because i m already teradata 12 basics certfied .

Folks - if ANYONE out there wants to join me in getting access to TPN+ membership reply or IM me ( preferably if there, IM in the forum that is ) . I have  been in Terdata world for a long time - technology has now changed drastically from what it used to be during V2R3/5/6 days .

We currently use Teradata version 13 and have no issues connecting to Unica version 6 via ODBC connection.

Hi Masters,
Could you please mention what all features have been included newly in Teradata 14 as compared to Teradata 13.
Thanks  in Advance.

Hi Experts ,
i planned for TD 14 basic exam , but there is not detail info for materials . i have lot of TD 12 stuff, 
what is the difference there between TD 12 and TD 14 basic exam. can my notes available for TD 12 is okay ? or TD 14 is difficult ?

Hi All
I am having problems while loading data from Oracle to TD14. In most cases the problem is with data type, like NUMBER(p,s), LONG RAW, NVARCHAR2 including Unicode, Multi byte and different Character Set etc.

I am trying to find the reason of failure of an old session. I am having the session id. As this is Proc there are multiple SQL that was run. So I checked the DBQL and found last ran statement. Ideally this should be the failure statement.
But this does not show the failure reason.

Hello everyone,
We are having a problem when using NUMBER data type in the Data Warehouse that is being used by Microstrategy.
When in the warehouse we use NUMBER data type, in Microstrategy Desktop Warehouse Catalog, the columns using this data type show "Unknown" in the Data Type Description.

I am at a client site where we are designing a system utilizing Stored Procedures. However, we have a dba here that has said that when Teradata 14 comes out they will no longer support Store Procedures. Is there anyone here who can shed a light on if there is truth to this or is there some kind of SP functionality they will no longer support.