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This has been working for weeks, until today. I wasn't sure what broke my script until I tried dropping the date requirement and then it started working perfectly. 6 month ago is February 30, I am guessing, by TD logic, which doesn't exist.
Any general solutions?

I am try to use a cursor to loop through multiple values, which is fine if I only use one column.
It doesn't seem to work if I try to fetch more than one column.






why I am getting a syntax error?
create TABLE  ddwp_v.sponsoredm, CHECK = DEFAULT
(account VARCHAR(12)
 Unique Primary INDEX(account);
insert into ddwp_v.sponsoredm


Hi all,I will try to explain this in the best way possible.
I have a dataset and I am trying to retrieve the only the rows where a change has occurred. I have tried QUALIFY but I can't get my head around it.
For example, looking at the following,

I've a data in the following format  -
cust_name , month, isAccountActive
A, jan-15, 1
A, feb-15, 1
A, mar-15, 0
A, apr-15 , 1
A,  may-15, 0
B, jan -15, 0
B, feb-15,1
B, mar-15,1
B, apr-15, 1
My output should look like follows-

I am working on FETCH STATEMENT inside CURSOR. I need to convert a SQL server script into Teradata.
Following scnerio is working in Teradata( SELECT columns )

SQL SERVER input:---------------------------------------

Error : TPT_INFRA: TPT02638: Error: Conflicting data length for column(5) - STATE. Source column's data length (16) Target column's data length (8).

EXPORT_OPERATOR: TPT12108: Output Schema does not match data from SELECT statement


Code : 

Hello Every One,
I have the below table and i need to add the few more partitions without dropping the table. Is this possible ?
Below are the partitions needed.

SYR =  201401 ,

SYR =  201402 ,

SYR =  201403 ,

SYR =  201404 



Query -

I have a parameter in a report (Report Builder 3.0) called REPORT_FILTER.  This parameter has 4 available values.  The labels are (1) Home Group, (2) Home Branch, (3) Other Group, and (4) Other Branch.  The corresponding values are 1, 2, 3, and 4.

I have column which name is Start_Time and it includes '4/26/2016 18:14:57.000000' .  i want to take 2016042618 output (YYYYMMDDHH). How can i get it ? 
Thank you.

If TPT Attributes INTEGER SkipRows = 1 and Varchar SkipRowsEveryFile = 'N' (There are more than 1 file), how will the loader know, for which file the row is to be skipped? How will the loader behave if it faces such scenario?

I am very new to the Teradata world. Have much interest to learn Teradata.
Can any one help me install "Teradata" on Windows 10. A step by step guide will be much helpful.
I tried this in Google but didnt get any useful link.

This article will introduce you to the new user experience provided by Teradata Studio's Administration Perspective; an improved interface for creating and modifying database objects.

For a Fortune 50 Banking Company. W2 or corp-to-corp. Local candidates preferred but those willing to relocate will be considered. Manager would like to interview as soon as possible.

Must have hands on experience with SQL development in Aster environment

I've got this error: Teradata execute: Numeric overflow occurred during computation.
I have read the similar questions on this forum but still can't understand what should I do to resolve the problem. I supposed that the reason is that I have computation on step when i devide NATIONAL_AMOUNT on DEBT_EXPENSE.

Hi All,
I have data like these . 

Mar 22, 2016 12:06:35 PM

Bonsoir ,

je voudrais installer teradata sur mon ordinateur sachant que j'ai windows 10 .

est ce que c'est possible ? si oui , que je-dois faire ? 

Merci de me préciser les étapes à suivre pour l'installer sur ma machine .

Merci Beaucoup

Hi , 
I need to connect to teradata from perl without using password [ kerberos ] via the module DBD::Teradata . I have acheived it via ODBC but didnt have a clue for  DBD::Teradata  ,other than , it can be accomplished via tdat_security . I am not sure how to use it . Please help . 

I am trying to use XMLAGG to transpose the row-wise data to comma separated value in Teradata 15. Its working fine with English (LATIN character set) characters. But while I am using other characters (Unicode character set) I am getting 'string contains untranslatable character' error.
Please suggest how to resolve the issue.

I am using teradata vesion of Prestodb 141t to connect to different data sources and one of my datasource is teradata but there aren't any documenatation about the connector. Does prestodb have the ability to connect to Teradata? If yes, how could i set up my connector?
Thanks, Siva. 

I have a unique scenario for which I would like to build a SQL to get desired result. Could you please help me find a SQL solution for this.
Here is how my data looks. here are 2 sets of records .. 
Col1         Col2 
111          222
222          333
333          444
444          555

I have a SQLSERVER 2012 database running on a Windows Server 2012 platform.   I have installed the Microsift Connector for Attunity Version 2.0 and in SSIS I now have Teradata Source and Destination tools available.  I have created a connector to the database and table I which to use in my SSIS package.  The connector works and it allows me to preview the

Is there any easy way to find out any DELETES happened on a table or not with out parsing the qrylog table.
Do we have any dbc tables that captures this information.

Hi All,


i tried making two sessions in fasload 1st got passed with inserion and 2nd didnt showed any such behaviour.
so why cant we have multiple sessions in fastload to load multiple tables?

There are 3 locations. DBC.ColumnStats, DBC.IndexStats, and DBC.MultiColumnStats where the information for the stats used to get stored.i'm giving the below query to find that info regarding no of rows in a table or average row size  etc.

Untitled Page

I have a data set in oracle (img1 in attachment)








I am facing an issue in executing below scritp  through fast load utility for tab delimited .txt file
1. First issue in .RECORD 1;

This is the MYSQL query, now I need this below dynamic query to be execute in TERADATA SQL.


    set l_sql=concat('SELECT max(',l_rid_col,'), MAX(cid) INTO @c2, @c3 FROM ',p_database,'.',p_table);
    SET l_rid = @c2;
    SET l_cid = @c3;

And this update query:


Hi I have just installed Teradata in my local Machine. 
1. How do I know my username and password and connections etc..
2. How do I connect to any database? if I have to create one on my own, how do I do it?
Kindly help me. Thanks

We have a a number of processes where in we transfer the data from SQL server to TD. We extract he data as files & then dump it using Fastload. Just wanted to know is there any other process we can experiment to make this load any more faster ? The record number is a bit high so takes around significant time.
Hope I made myself clear.

I have a 'Dob_Date' column with date format 'dd-mm-yyyy'. I need to extract the year from it and
need to add year+1(i.e Adding one year) and insert that into another column named 'Modified1_date',
need to add year+2(i.e Adding two year) and insert that into another column named 'Modified2_date',

The OBIEE Sample Application is a fully functioning OBIEE environment available on a VM.  It is self-contained in that demo applications can be run against data stored on the VM.  It is possible to modify the VM so that external data can also be accessed and shown in a demo or used for testing.  This article shows how to mod

Aster AppCenter provides the citizen data scientist the ability  to run a different type of analytic.  

Hi All,
I want to use ACTIVITY_COUNT   with  DBC.SysExecSQL to get how many rows updated by the query executed in DBC.SysExecSQL.
Can anybody help me in this. 

Dear all, 
I would like ti create a DB Link from a Teradata database (v. to an Oracle database (10g) but the Create DBLink query doesn't work. I have looked on the Internet about this, but I didn't find anything relevant about it? How should I proceed to create the link between the two environments? 
Thank you in advance

Hi All ,
Please help me to download Teradata Tools and Utilities 15.10 for Linux / Centos6 . Please give me a link .

Error Using teradata client for centos 6/7 php/python/unixODBC

Hi All - 
Thanks for taking time to read my question / post.
I'm a beginner in using Teradata and after searching the web for any insight or guidance, I'm still lost.  
How do I customize the format of the column results that I query below pertaining to an item UPC...
** For Example **

I need to query a teradata table by referencing a column that is of type Timestamp(6). I'm not successful at getting the right format so far. What do I need to set the Size, Precision, and Scale values to for this to work. (By size, precision, and scale I mean these parameter values in Visual Studio's Dataset Editor)

Community Edition is a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) operating system and Teradata Database packaged into a virtual container that runs in a VMware vSphere ESXI virtualized environment on third-party hardware. Community Edition software consists of a template and associated property files and scripts. When a Community Edition virtual machine is deployed, it operates as a fully functional instance of the configured Teradata Database. Once deployed by the VMware administrator, Community Edition can be used to evaluate Teradata Virtual Machine and the Teradata Database.
Note: You must have administrative privileges on the destination VMware environment to install and configure Community Edition virtual machines.

Dear All, Need help with below situation....
id        date
100   6/6/2015
100   8/1/2015
100   9/30/2015
200   8/11/2015
300   7/18/2015
300   1/10/2015
300   3/5/2015
300   6/15/2015

I am trying to understand how Datastage interacts with Teradata in Immedaite mode. During my testing, I created a Datastage job with TD connector as  source and destination to just select from one table and load into another table.