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Last 6 Month in Query - Failing on August 30
...WHERE DB.LOG_DATE > DATE - INTERVAL '6' MONTH;   This has been working for weeks, until today. I wasn't sure what broke my script until I tried dropping the date requirement and then it started working perfectly. 6 month ago is February 30, I am guessing, by TD logic, which doesn't exist. Any general solutions?  
teradata date interval select statement
Fetch multiple columns from cursor
Hi, I am try to use a cursor to loop through multiple values, which is fine if I only use one column. It doesn't seem to work if I try to fetch more than one column. e.g. DECLARE var_a VARCHAR(10); DECLARE var_b VARCHAR(10); DECLARE var_c VARCHAR(10);   DECLARE crsr CURSOR FOR
teradata cursors
SQL Error on 'Create Table' in Terdata SQL Assistant
why I am getting a syntax error?   create TABLE  ddwp_v.sponsoredm, CHECK = DEFAULT (account VARCHAR(12)  Unique Primary INDEX(account); insert into ddwp_v.sponsoredm VALUES(?);  
Retrieve Rows where a change in values (intwo columns) occured
Hi all,I will try to explain this in the best way possible. I have a dataset and I am trying to retrieve the only the rows where a change has occurred. I have tried QUALIFY but I can't get my head around it. For example, looking at the following,
Calculating min and max column values in Teradata
I've a data in the following format  - cust_name , month, isAccountActive A, jan-15, 1 A, feb-15, 1 A, mar-15, 0 A, apr-15 , 1 A,  may-15, 0 B, jan -15, 0 B, feb-15,1 B, mar-15,1 B, apr-15, 1   My output should look like follows-
teradata olap partition by
Cursor select * with Fetch Next statement
I am working on FETCH STATEMENT inside CURSOR. I need to convert a SQL server script into Teradata. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Following scnerio is working in Teradata( SELECT columns ) SQL SERVER input:---------------------------------------
cursor fetch into teradata sqlserver
TPT export to delimited files Error
Error : TPT_INFRA: TPT02638: Error: Conflicting data length for column(5) - STATE. Source column's data length (16) Target column's data length (8). EXPORT_OPERATOR: TPT12108: Output Schema does not match data from SELECT statement   Code : 
teradata tpt
Hello Every One,   I have the below table and i need to add the few more partitions without dropping the table. Is this possible ? Below are the partitions needed. SYR =  201401 , SYR =  201402 , SYR =  201403 , SYR =  201404    CREATE MULTISET TABLE xyz ,NO FALLBACK ,
teradata #Teradata Partition #add partition # partition
Query issue
Query -
teradata query
Filtering records with SQL
I have a parameter in a report (Report Builder 3.0) called REPORT_FILTER.  This parameter has 4 available values.  The labels are (1) Home Group, (2) Home Branch, (3) Other Group, and (4) Other Branch.  The corresponding values are 1, 2, 3, and 4.
filter sql teradata