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Using Teradata Database 14.0.5 in a Virtual Machine and testing the following steps specified in a reference document, "Temporal Table Support" (Release 14.0) page 36 "Converting Period or DateTime Columns to a Transaction-Time Column", an error was encountered in an ALTER TABLE step to DROP the old PERIOD column: (Is there a missing step that will preven

Existing data in table test : (Temporal table)

id name    valid_dt
1  cat     2012-06-16 - 9999-12-31

Incoming Table : (Temporal)

  id name  valid_dt
  1  bat   2013-12-28 - 9999-12-31

After Merge update , test table should have

I have a temporal table,"Policy_Dtls" with columns: CustID,PolicyID,PolicyType,ServiceReq_Num,Policy_Mod_TT .

Policy_Mod_TT is TransactionTime column.

Initially Customer A is offered a policy '123X' ,Policytype:General through Service Request No# 123985.

I am getting the following error while using the following query:


 *** Failure 9330 ValidTime qualifier requires at least one table with ValidTime.

                Statement# 1, Info =0 

The table Policy is defined as follows: