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Can not connect from host to TDE 14 40G - IP address is not set.
Hi, I was using the TDE 14 - 4G successfully but could not load my data due to free space. Now I’m trying to work with TDE 14 – 40G but I can’t connect to the VM from my host. No eth0 IP address was set on the VM – so I tried configuring my own IP and succeeded to ping the VM.
40g tde vm host
Load Flat File using TDE
#!/bin/ksh TBUILD <<EOF DEFINE JOB FILE_LOAD DESCRIPTION 'Load a Teradata table from a file' ( DEFINE SCHEMA Trans_n_Accts_Schema ( Account_Number VARCHAR(50), Trans_Number VARCHAR(50), Trans_Date VARCHAR(50), Trans_ID VARCHAR(50), Trans_Amount VARCHAR(50) );   DEFINE OPERATOR DDL_OPERATOR TYPE DDL ATTRIBUTES (
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Teradata Express 14.0 for VMware 4GB and 1TB images available
We are pleased to announce the availability of 4GB and 1TB versions of Teradata Express 14.0 for VMware, joining the previously available 40GB version. Please visit the Teradata Express for VMware download page or read the launch announcement for more details.
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Teradata Express 14.0 for VMware now available
Teradata Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of new Teradata Express versions based on our recently released version 14.0 of the Teradata database. The Teradata Express program is a freely licensed virtual instance of the Teradata database. It is fully functional for evaluation, test and development purposes.
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TDE bug with case of cyrillic chars
  We found a bug in the TDE associated with incorrect operation of the Upper and Lower functions on two characters of the Cyrillic alphabet -  functions mixing up upper and lower case (in all four cases - in different ways). Does it fixed in TD DWH Appliance 6650? How can i fix it by myself and when you expect an update?
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4-amp TDE
tde 4-amp vconfig sysinit