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The Teradata Viewpoint team is often asked how do I do this Teradata Manager function in Viewpoint? Although Teradata Viewpoint is fairly intuitive and offers excellent on-line help, it seemed worth creating an article related to this subject to accomplish two things.

Teradata is pleased to announce the official release of Teradata Viewpoint 13.10 effective August 27th, 2010.

The primary focus of this Viewpoint release is the "Workload Designer" portlet for Teradata Active System Management (TASM) / workload management configuration. The Workload Designer portlet is an addition to the TASM Portlets bundle joining the Workload Health and Workload Monitor portlets introduced with the Teradata Viewpoint / TASM Portlets 13.02 release in January 2010. 

Penalty boxes have been around for years.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  Their single, focused purpose is to lock away bad queries and thereby protect good queries, while not condemning the bad ones to the ultimate penalty of being aborted.  If you’re using penalty boxes, I want to encourage you to look inside them once in a while, and open your eye

The principle focus of query tuning is to provide reliable summary information about the data to the optimizer. This is done by collecting accurate statistics which are then stored in a synoptic data structure known as an interval histogram. The correct choice of the column and index sets on which Statistics should be collected can help the optimizer generate better query plans, dramatically improving query performance and reduce the collection overhead. It can be difficult to understand how the optimizer uses statistics as well as deciding what statistics are needed without an automated method to help. That automated method is the Teradata Statistics Wizard, which is a client-based GUI interface for obtaining statistics recommendations for particular queries or query workloads that are submitted for analysis.

For those not already familiar with the Teradata Workload Analyzer (TWA), TWA is one of the products affiliated with TASM (Teradata Active System Management).

Teradata is very pleased to announce the official release of Teradata Viewpoint 13.03 effective March 12th, 2010.

The main theme of this Viewpoint release is Teradata Manager feature equivelence but there's much more!

TDWM is working and TASM is enabled on the system. I can see WDID in the DBQLogTbl however the OpeEnvId and SysConId are null. How can this be possible?
I think that when appropriate SysCon and OpEnv aren't selected then the 'Base' state is selected, which is comprised of 'Normal' SysCon and 'Always' OpEnv.

Teradata is very pleased to announce the official release of Teradata Viewpoint 13.02 effective January 8th, 2010!


Query on TASM. If we configure a group to have a MAXIMUM CPU utilisation of 60 Seconds, we would expect the query to migrate over to the next group when it reaches 60 Seconds.

Why then do we see queries running and consuming more than 60 seconds (sometimes up to 1 hours worth of CPUTIME) before migrating. We can see this in viewpoint, looking in DBQL only show the startingbands and ending bancds.

Yeah, I know. All you need is another “thing to remember to do” following your upcoming hardware upgrade. As if your “must do” list wasn’t long enough already.