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Dear ATRs,
I have a "simple" view V made by a "driving" table T (250 Mln rows) and a "left table" L (220 Mln rows) with a window function row_number inside:

What type of logging should be enabled for queries in Tactical workload?

I know of a Teradata site that chose to use global temporary tables (GTTs) with their tactical queries in an attempt to get good performance against their fact table. However, there are some known limitations in doing that which I want to share with you.

Increasing numbers of Teradata users are introducing tactical queries alongside the more traditional strategic work and near real time data loading ...

The FastExport utility is usually seen as a batch-oriented job to use when you need to return large numbers of rows from the database to a user.   It is the ideal tool for efficiently and quickly returning large answer sets, sorted or otherwise, back to the client from the database.   That’s why it was named the way it was:  “FastExport”.  

Looking for an extra level of protection around your online, web, or interactive queries? Think about expediting the priority scheduler allocation group that they run in.