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SQL Assistant - View tables in the Database Explorer
Hi, I am able to query, but under DBC in the Database Explorer window, I do not see the list of tables. Many thanks.
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Compare DDL's of tables in 2 testing phases - find differences
Greetings Experts,   I have a database in which there are around 600 tables being used in SIT.  As we are moving to UAT, I need to compare the DDL's of the tables (column names, datatypes, size) in SIT that are different to that of in UAT.  As of now I am mulling over the following approaches. (I do not have PERM space)  
Compare DDL tables
How to get count of mismatching records
Hi, I am having two tables each having 20 columns. I want to compare these two tables table1 and table2 to get the count of all the records in table1 and all therecord in table2 and the differnece of records in a single query. Is it possible in Teradata 12??
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