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I faced this scenario in an interview. Suppose there are 2 large tables say CUSTOMERS AND CUSTOMER_SESSIONS. The CUSTOMERS table holds the CUST_ID and CUST_NAME say for a website such as facebook/amazon. The CUSTOMER_SESSIONS table contains the CUST_ID referencing the CUSTOMERS tables and the SESSION_TIME every time the user logs in.

Just got started with Teradata and my first post here.
I need to create a table and load data from file then on multiple select statements would be run with OLAP functions using partition by on first four columns, Just wondering if its better to partition the table data over the first four columns ?

Hello ,
I have a n00b question, I wanted to know whether its possible to specify names for the individual partitions that we create in the CREATE TABLE statement.
For example, is something like this possible (?) :


Hi folks,

I have a problem and I would like if you can advise if anything can be done about that.


I have quite huge table (~2 billion records) which is partitioned by date. In order to query effectively my SQLs need to use these partitions to retrieve data in reasonable time.