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We have an insert statement that is inserting around 92 million records into a table based on a select statement from another table.  The select piece runs fine, but the following step takes a long time.
We do a MERGE into table HUB_ENCOUNTER_MESSAGE from Spool 18767.

Hallo all,
I have created a Java external procedure that returns a dynamic result set. I can successfully call it and it returns the correct data. Now how can I store this returned data to a new (temporary) table?

I am trying to create a table and populate it inside a stored procedure but I get E(3807): table does not exist.
I used the following query:
 create procedure stp_agg (in par1 varchar (20),in par2 int)
    create table tbl_spt
    (select subscriber_id from existing_tbl) with no data;

I have set up a BTEQ of an SQL code through PUTTY.
The code runs weekly. However, I run a drop statement and then a create table statement, thus losing the table of the previous week. Is there anyway for me to create a table of the following format so that I retain all the tables that I have created ?

Issue description:
When a job that is loading an empty table through FastLoad Functionality (Teradata Connector) aborts, it causes the mentioned table to be left in an irrecoverable Lock state, which cannot be cleared using an empty FastLoad, and which only workaround is to drop and recreate the table.

I'm logged in with dbc user.
I'm ALTERing a table to add Foreign Key Constraint with Following statement
ALTER TABLE testdb.Master2 ADD CONSTRAINT fk_Master1 FOREIGN KEY (Master1ID) REFERENCES testdb.Master1(Master1ID);
its works fine.
But when i write this in a procedure

We're using Teradata 14.10 and 13.10.

In teradata there are 3 basic types of Database objects. they are 
1. View
2. Table
3. Macro
are there any other different type of Db objects available?

Hi All,
How to find the table size alone? Not including the SI's and other stuffs related to a table.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I'm Sebastian and I need your help you. I have rows with '    ' data, for example:
My table have 1 row of the name 'tx_name' and... in the name have:
'     Pepito'(in that case use trim for remove )
'Pepito      Albert'(How remove it this space?)
I try with:

Hi All,
I have a table that has a composite key defined on 2 columns.
These column are not a part of primary index.
The table contains data.
I am trying to drop primary key using the following command and getting a systax error :
alter table person_mst drop primary key (id,name);

I'm trying to add a comment whithin the CREATE TABLE ddl. I've check that Teradata supports comments  via statements of the type:

Hi All,
I have an existing table in TERADATA and it has a field named log_dttm defined as timestamp.
I want to change the column data type to varchar(30).
"alter table modify" failed to convert.
 ALTER TABLE Failed. 3558:  Cannot alter the specified attribute(s) for log_dttm. 

I'm using Teradata Studio v14.01.0.201206111225, and noticed that if I create a table as MULTISET, and later right-click the table, and in the Teradata sub-menu select Show DDL it correctly creates a CREATE MULTISET TABLE.... statement.

Customers are currently leveraging Teradata's features such as User Defined Functions (UDFs) and External Stored Procedures (XSPs) to develop complex applications.

The aim of this set articles is to show the user how to use the Eclipse IDE to debug in a single-node, controlled, non-production environment:

  • Java or C/C++ User Defined Functions (UDFs)
  • Java or C/C++ External Stored Procedures (XSPs)

The audience for this set of articles ranges from Teradata associates within the R&D and Professional Services organizations to  Teradata Customer and Partner developers who want to debug a UDF/XSP running on their  DBS VM before installing it on a production system.

I'm trying to load a table dump exported with fastexport, but i get the following error:

The length of: PREFIX in row: 1 was greater than defined.
              Defined: 3, Received: 3072

Here are my fastexport and fastload scripts:

If you’re waiting for an easy way to load data from one or more Teradata table(s) into a Teradata table without writing a Teradata PT script, wait no further.  Teradata PT Easy Loader can do it easily.  In the 14.0 release, the tool can load data from a Teradata table or from SELECT statement(s).

Hi, Could anyone please tell me how many maximum number of base tables we can create in one Database in TD12.

Thank you

Hi Guys,

Our portlet has to store a considerably large amount of data. Is there a way to "create" a custom table in the Postgres SQL DB for storing this Data. And afterwards be able to query this table and also do inserts and updates?


I have a simple question. Is it important the order of joind tables? What's better?:

select ...

from large_Table lt

inner join medium_table mt

inner join small_table st


select ...

from small_Table st

inner join medium_table mt

This book provides information about Teradata MultiLoad, a product that provides an efficient way to deal with batch maintenance of large databases. Teradata MultiLoad is a command-driven utility for fast, high-volume maintenance on multiple tables and views in a Teradata Database.