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Below if the SQL I am trying to get to run. I am receiving the following error message upon execution: SELECT Failed 3707 Syntax error, expected something like an 'EXCEPT' keyword or an 'UNION' keyword or

a 'MINUS' keyword between ')' and the word 'z'

Is there any way we can specifically identify the error line number in Nexus Query Chameleon?
If not, can we somehow code this in or run a statement before running our actual code?
I know SQL Assistant can do it.


I am sometimes encountering a syntax error (3706) when using CASE with an IN clause, see (1) below.  The error is happening with timestamp columns and sometimes with varchar's (when the individual varchar values in the IN are concatenated, ie. col1 || col2).  Any info on this?

Hi all,
I am doing TPT from mainframe. I have data connector -- producer reading from file and load operator loading the file. The script runs fine without multiple instances. If I add [n] for multiple instances to the script, I get below syntax issue and unable to resolve it. Any help is appreciated.

Below works.

/* JGB. JM */



I'm currently writing a query including an inner join, however when I run it Teradata is throwing back error code 3785 'expected ANY or ALL is missing.'

This error code however is not anything my colleagues or I have experienced before and the help function/google are not being very helpful!

My syntax is:


TRIM (prodvm.customer_letter.Trading_Code||prodvm.customer_letter.Account_Number) AS Customer_Number,


I created a table with a single column of TIMESTAMP(0) WITH TIME ZONE. When I try to insert value with the following statement

INSERT INTO XOBTTEST (timestmp_with_zone) VALUES ('2010-10-20 14:23:00-05:00' (TIMESTAMP(0) WITH TIME ZONE,FORMAT 'YYYY-MM-DDbHH:MI:SSZ');

I got this error:
3707: Syntax error, expected sothing like ')' or ',' between ")" and the "WITH" keyboard.

When I try the following statement:

INSERT INTO XOBTTEST (timestmp_with_zone) VALUES ('2010-10-20 14:23:00-05:00' (TIMESTAMP(0) ,FORMAT 'YYYY-MM-DDbHH:MI:SSZ');