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Hi Team,


I have data like:-


Table A:-

emp_id     first_name     lat_name      email_adr

------      ----------        ------------     ---------

E1           DRAVID            B               xyz@apple.com

E2           DRAVID            B               ghj@apple.com


Hi Team,

Can any one give me an example regarding maintentance of history of data through surrogate key.


suppose there is a user having emp_id e1 name "DRAVID".We are storing employee related information (like name,email etc ..)

Hi All,
Greetings !

Is there a way to generate a surrogate key dynamically using set processing rather than record level processing? We have a large amount of records in the source which we need to generate a unique identifier in the EDW for and cursor level processing seems to be quite slow in generating surrogate keys for this volume of data.