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Alternative to Strtok in Teradata Aster
Hi Team - i have a string field with about 600,000 rows like the below. Aster data base is connected through Teradata Studio. Text1,Text2,Text3 Text1,Text2 Text1,Text2,Text3,Text4,Text5
Need help in writing a SQL to extract a code from the column which is a varying URL
Hi, I am having hardtime writing the most eficient SQL for the following use case. Column(URL) /extreme/social/Step7.jsp?Source=1234&returnURL=/dyn/dyn/servlet/securePdf.dyn?file=/content/dam/role/PDFs/secure/safetravel.pdf&isCQPage=true
substring teradata sql
Hi There, i need help to write an sql script to return values from different positions within the example string below: #12345678.#98B9876.#123456 i want values from positions 2-8 and concatenate with values in positions 11-13.
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Issue in Substr and Index with CASE
Hi I am having an issue with below syntax: When I run below query 
substring CASE with Substring INDEX with Substring
Variable length substring with multiple delimiters
Hi, I have below variables in my result set. These are result of an substring function. 734746/Chi 1435919?c= 762799?c=E 710632?c=E 20784/T23 I want to get only the numeric values before first delimiter(/, ?). So the result set should look like this.
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Finding last character of a string
Hi, Do we have some different approch to get last character of a string ( Fix length/ Variable length both ) apart from using substr ? Thanks Nagendra
Substring Function in Teradata Studio
SUBSTING function is giving error in Teradata Studio which was working fine in Teradata SQL Assistant. My Query is like this : SEL SUBSTRING('ABC',1,2) I do not want to use SUBSTR instead of SUBSTRING as it involves making changes in a lot of Queries. Please suggest a work around for this issue.   Thanks! Anirudh
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String Functions
I'm looking to split a string in Teradata.   The table might look something like this.      column1 hello:goodbye:afternoon I'm trying to use SUBSTRING and INSTR to extract specific words.  So, say I want to select "goodbye". I'm trying the following query. 
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substr vs substring
hi   have few questions reg substr & substring   a. which one is ANSI compliant? b. whats th difference btween two? c. which one should be used?   Natasha
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Substring Extract
I have a reallt long string that I am trying to substring a specific piece of data for.   The column looks like this "http://www.sears.com/lawn-garden-snow-removal-equipment-snow-plows/b-1101194?sid=ISx20070515x00001d&psid=18x813487&knshCrid={AdId}&k_clickID=_kenshoo_click" I built a table with the query below to test: