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Method to find number of occurence of specific character in a string
Is there method in teradata to find number of occurence of a specific character in a string? Like if string value =  ' Teradata is Relational Database' I need to know how many time letter 'a' is present in the above string. Do we have any inbuilt functions in Teradata or will Regular expression help me on this?  
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String-genererated SQL-statment into BTEQ
Hi! I have created a SQL-statement that is in a string. Ex: 'insert into MetadataTable.TestTable ' !! 'sel ''' !! trim(substr(Col.databasename,1,3)) !! ''' as Environment, ''' !! trim(T1322.Id) !! ''' as Id, ''' !! trim(T1324.RId) !! ''' as RId, ''' !!