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IF/THEN Statement not working (Stored Procedure)
Hello, I have a dynamic stored procedure with an if statement setting a stmt to include in my insert statement. I will only share a portion of the code, enough to get the idea across.  The procedure compiles correctly, but when I validate my if statement this error is returned:
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Retrieving metadata about most recent query
Hello In my stored procedures, I'm looking to start recording an "audit log" after each step. So for example: /* * Step 1 in my Stored Proc */ DELETE FROM MyDatabase.MyTable_Step1 ALL; INSERT INTO MyDatabase.MyTable_Step1 SELECT blah; /* * Insert Audit Log for the above step */ INSERT INTO MyDatabase.AuditLog(SPName, Step, Timestmp, RowsImpacted) VALUES('MySP', 'Step 1', CURRENT_TIMESTAMMP, CountRowsImpacted() ); /* * Step 2 in my Stored Proc */ UPDATE MyDatabase.MyTable_Step1 FROM ( SELECT 'blah' AS blah ) AS a SET Col = a.blah
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