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Stats Manager Collect Job Frequency
When scheduling a collect job in Stats Manager I don't have an option to schedule the job more frequently than one week. Why is daily not an option? Thanks in advance!
Stats Manager collect job
Automated Statistics Management
Managing Teradata Optimizer statistics can be labor intensive and error prone. Many users struggle to know what columns and indexes to collect statistics on, how to detect and prevent statistics from becoming stale, and how to know if collected statistics are being used.
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Teradata Viewpoint 14.10 Release
This article is the official release announcement of Teradata Viewpoint 14.10 with an effective release date of May 6th 2013. With new enhancements in Alerting, Workload Management and Monitoring areas, this release of Viewpoint 14.10 continues to expand its scope and provide ability to monitor Hadoop systems along with Aster and Teradata systems.
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