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I am running a few stats collection statement ,sequentially , by reading and executing through a cursor called from within a stored proc.At any point, if a stats collection statement is failing ,due to "no more spool space" I have to manually monitor and restart the process after eliminating such statements.Is there any approach, that if the query is spoo

We have stats collected on certain tables in TD 3.10.After upgrade to TD 14.10 , the stats are reportedly missing.I am aware that in TD 14.10, the stats collection is taken care by DBC.StatsTbl.Is it that we have to freshly define and collect the stats on the tables  in TD 14.10, or the existing stats will be migrated to the new stats table as a part of u

Is it possible to collect stats for VT's inside Procedures? 

In the above link at the end its given as Currently, statistics are not supported on BEGIN and END period types.  That capability is planned for a future release.