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I have a shapefile that has 4 territories. Three of the territories have a territory name and one is null because it is the row for everything that is outside of the 3 territories.

Has anybody used TD geospatial features in TD12? we ran a POC of the features and noticed soem challenges

1. Geospatial queries are mostly single AMP queries (becasue of the usage of UDF)

2. Geospatial functions, use product joins to merge data from multiple shapes.

I am using the Geospatial Import-Export Utility (v1.6) for TD 13.0 to load shapefiles to Teradata.  When I run the utility to import a shapefile I get an error that says:

I am relatively new to using geo functions but I want to make sure my places dimension table does not have any duplicates by doing a delta operation from the freshly geocoded records in my staging table.  First, I attempted to do a left outer join on the point_geo column:

Teradata has added geospatial features to Teradata 13 (and earlier versions with the optional extension package - see my earlier article here).  These features enable powerful location based analytics, but often I'm asked how to get start