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Stored Procedure conditional handler for spool out error 2646
I want to implement a continue handler in the stored procedure for query that can spool out. I check in pdcrinfo. SqlState_Codes there is no sqlstate associated to spool out error 2646.    Query is in below form and it gets spooled out if values for  column are skewed. INSERT INTO TAB1(col_value,row_count)
stored procedure conditional handler spoolout sqlstate
How can I get the actual value of %VSTR or more error info?
error handling errorcode sqlstate sqlcode %vstr dbc.errormsgs
Calling External Stored Procedure from EXIT Handler
Problem statement:   We want to set custom SQLSTATE in Teradata stored procedures. The only way to set custom SQLSTATE value is through external stored procedure.  
stored procedure teradata exit handler external stored procedure sqlstate condition handler