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In SQL Assistant it is possible to run multiple queries in parallel (after setting some of the settings correct). I prefer to use Teradata Studio, the eclipse plugin, but couldn't find a setting to do so. Is it possible anyway to run multiple queries in parallel? I now have to wait for my queries to finish before I can continue.

Hi, I
have created a table:

create table sandbox.xyz
(name varchar(256) not null);

and want to load data from a file with the following command:

What is the Latest version of SQLAssistant? Where can i get?


Thanks in advance.

Please advise the privileges needed by TTU13 TQS Client ( sometimes called TDS Client ).

We will install package on Windows 7 with users only having the read only writes privilege.

All is fine after installing SQLAssistant. No problem installation or running the programs.

After installing TQS Client. When running SQLAssistant or TQSClient an error message appears when the program attempts to open a shared memory segment.

If the user is privileged we can set the "run as administrator" and it will work fine.