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This package contains the Aster Development Environment download packages and documentation.

What is Aster Express?

Big Data is a challenge today for most companies. Aster’s Big Data Discovery platform, with its library of SQL-MapReduce functions, enables your business analysts and data scientist to easily uncover new insights and business opportunities.

This presentation introduces you to the new and enhanced analytic functions in the Aster Analytics 5.11 library.

I'm a Python dev for the past couple of years and connecting to PostgreSQL using the psycopg2 module.
Now, I'm using Teradata Aster, as my training, I tried creating a simple sql-mr function using a python. Given the table, the sql-mr will populate the tables with random values.
What do I need to connect to a Aster Database?

With your own Aster cluster installed and running (Getting Started with Aster Express), and a few Aster nPath examples under your belt (On the Road to nPath), it's time to unleash the full analytic power of Aster and install the remaining SQL-MR libraries.  These Aster Analytic modules are a powerful suite of reusable SQL-MapReduce® functions that deliver advanced analytics on Big Data with immediate business impact by leveraging the power of MapReduce programming through standard SQL.

I found a tutorial on www.asterdata.com on how to use R with asterdata. The main body of the mapper looks like this:

while (1)