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We are using after right clicking the table or view and selecting show definition the window opens and will not let us close it. Tried right clicking the left top window and choosing close, tried clicking the x. nothing.

SQL Assistant normally allows you to kick off multiple queries in sequence, if each query is in the SQL window, or if you highlight the queries you'd like to run. We just ran into an issue where a query - which ran fine by itself - would prevent any other highlighted queries from being executed when it completed.

I am currently working with a webi report (Teradata 13.0 database). The output will be sent to the users in excel/.csv format. The output file will contain 2 tabs.


I am having issues installing Teradata SQL assistant on my work laptop. We have Teradata 13.10 installation package and my system has Windows XP 2002.

None of my colleagues are able to help on this issue. So, I am posting it here.


I'm upgrading SQL Assistant from 13.01 to 13.11 recently and noticed that SQL Assistant will, at some point of usage, become slower and slower. It eat up ~50% of CPU and the GUI stop to respond for a few minutes upon each operation. The plugin for Eclipse exhibit the same GUI freeze problem.

When I try to connect using a third party Teradata ODBC driver, I receive "The UserId, Password or Account is invalid." error. If I use the Teradata ODBC driver the connection is successful.

I am using the same credentials for both connections. Has anyone come across this issue with SQL Assistant 13.10?