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NOTE: Teradata SQL Assistant 12.0 worked over the past year and just started giving me an issue in the past month or two. I am running on Windows XP Professional 32-bit.

I am running into an interesting error that I cannot seem to find a solution to. When trying to run Teradata SQL Assistant 12.0, I am receiving the following error prompt:

Error received: "Error occurred during GetIniData. Code=339

Component 'POWERE~1.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid

I have a table called SALESAGGRT where i have two columns Product_Id , Total_Sales

in the table i have following data

Product_Id Total_Sales
100 1000
200 2000
300 3000
400 4000

I want in the separate column total sum of all the sales

for ex :-

Product_Id Total_Sales Sum(Total_Sales)
100 1000 10000
200 2000 10000
300 3000 10000
400 4000 10000

Hi - Is there anywhere that I can download just SQL Assistant 12.0 from? I've got a slow/unreliable internet connection, and it will take me well over an hour to download the full Teradata Express 12.0 installation package. I've already downloaded and tried SQL Assistant 13.0, but it doesn't do what I need. Thanks for your help.