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In the last article, it was shown how to create Java Bean Wrapper classes that can be called from a Spring Data Access Object (DAO) using the Java Bean Wrapper Wizard.

This article will demonstrate how to tie Java Bean Wrapper classes together using the Spring DAO Wizard to create a reusable data access layer for a business service. Also it will be shown how to create an automated unit test for your DAO.

This will be a series of articles explaining how the Spring framework can be used with the Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse to create a data access layer for your business services. The Java Bean Wrapper wizard allows the user to quickly generate a Java Bean class for a given SQL statement or stored procedure. Also the Wizard has an option to generate a Java Bean which can be run with the Spring Data Access Object (DAO) framework. By calling a generated Java Bean from a DAO, the Bean will have access to the Spring transaction management. Also the Java Wrapper Beans are reusable components which could be used in different DAOs. The Bean Helper Classes can be used as Spring domain objects. Also the Bean will facilitate the support of OUT parameters for stored procedures and multiple result sets inside of a Spring DAO.

This article will show how to setup a project that uses Spring DAOs with the Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse. This article will also show how to create Java Bean Wrapper classes that can be called from a Spring DAO using the Java Bean Wrapper Wizard.

Back in FNP #11 Macros and Stored Procedures the Spring Framework concept of referencing a Parent bean was introduced as so:

Last time we did a full on What, Why and How description of some pretty Teradata specific information around Query Banding and showed how we could weave this into the Web Application and Data Access Layers so as to minimize the impact of this on the Business Service layer and it’s developers.

This week we are going to keep on the core Teradata trail by looking into Macros and Stored Procedures as means to provide for Isolation and Embedded Processing.